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Barracuda Specialty Service LLC, began as an aspiration of senior management to provide an integrity based asset management solution supported on a foundation of safety, quality and ethical professionalism.

Our Services

Our services include Pipeline, Manufacturing, Petrochemical and Refinery, Marine, New Fabrication and Developmental Services.

We can approach this range of services as we have assembled an experienced team of seasoned professionals mastered in their craft.

BSS employees possess a long track record of experience with pipelines, fabrication and asset management protocol and we intend to continue with this developmental success. Our intentions are to appeal to individuals with work ethics that match our own and believe that hard work and key investments bolster success.

Asset Management
and NDT

Barracuda Specialty Service LLC offers solutions in all facets of Asset Management and Non-Destructive testing services.

At BSS, we realize your work is mission critical and will facilitate our operations and manage our resources to insure shared success. You can depend on us to deliver the highest standards of quality and efficiency even on the most complex projects while still satisfying the most challenging production schedules and our top priority (Our Client).

Our Mission is to provide our clients with innovative inspection solutions, while nurturing an environment that advocates safe, proficient and virtuous performance.