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Mag Particle

Magnetic particle testing is a nondestructive testing method for detecting discontinuities that are primarily linear and located at or near the surface of ferromagnetic components and structures.

  • Magnetic Particle inspection is governed by the laws of magnetism and is therefore restricted to the inspection of materials (metals) that can support magnetic flux lines.
  • Metals can be classified as ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic.
  • Only those metals classified as ferromagnetic can be effectively inspected by magnetic particle inspection methods.

The basic procedure that is followed to perform magnetic particle testing consist of the following:

Basic list

It is essential for the particles to have an unimpeded path for migration to both strong and weak leakage fields. Therefore, the component in question should be clean and dry before beginning the inspection process. The presence of oil, grease or scale may compromise the inspection.

Upon the completion of this procedure, if a lapse or a crack is present an indication which will then be evaluated by our technician to assess the location, size, shape and extent of the imperfection.

Barracuda Specialty Service LLC's capabilities cover the majority of the potential applications of MT testing. Conventional methods of direct magnetization, or induced magnetization are utilized with portable or fixed inspection systems. Multidirectional systems typically are employed for large volume NDT projects.